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Introducing the Journal of the Society for Healthcare Improvement Professionals 

JSHIP is dedicated to providing useful, accurate and current information regarding improving the performance of healthcare organizations. There is a growing body of knowledge of how to make improvements in productivity, costs and the effectiveness of care. As healthcare costs continue to rise, operational change becomes ever more important and visible. Thus, we hope to serve the community of professionals working on these challenges with informative articles and case studies.

We will make the tools of performance improvement more accessible by offering insights and best practices from practitioners and academics. There is much to learn in this field. We realize there is an existing range of resources such as books, seminars, websites and other publications. Our focus is to provide complete articles and case studies that are current and offer practical, useable content.

Of particular focus for JSHIP is “Lean” which has become the most prominent approach to performance improvement. Lean, along with other approaches like Six Sigma, offer the solution to vexing challenges faced by hospitals, health systems, clinics, medical offices and other providers when trying to improve their productivity, customer service and quality – all at the same time.

JSHIP is part of the services provided by the Society for Healthcare Improvement Professionals (SHIP) and the Institute for Performance Excellence (IPE). SHIP was established to set the standard for performance improvement professionals training, development and certification. IPE, a not-for-profit organization established in 2011, provides a full-service approach to performance excellence in hospitals, health systems and other healthcare organizations.

David Belson, Ph.D.